Does saying ‘sorry I did not mean it that way’ work on the www?

Happens, right? Just said something slightly dismissive, used the wrong words, been disrespectful or cynical. That also does not feel good in real life, but it does not prevent most of us from talking to other people.  Why then is it for some a much higher fear of “writing something wrong” in a blog, on facebook or twitter? In my generation you actually find that social media anxiety quite often. Although clearly the net allows you to edit, delete, comment. Sure it also can be quoted wrongly, but then – a verbal statement is much more likely to be quoted wrongly (and behind your back).

That anxiety, if it does not block you completely, has a positive effect after all: Twittering, Blogging etc. actually asks to be deeper interested and form an own opinion. Don’t want to look totally stupid after all when everyone can read it…

But: unless you are famous, nobody is listening very carefully to you (ahm- me) anyway. Not in real life, but also not online. No illusions, there. And if I  should become famous eventually, I’ll explain everything with my youth….