“Coming Out” !

Now, having my own blog is certainly something…. add it to my belongings and attributes, such as domain, husband, car and house keys (I do not own a house and the car is also not mine), bookcase and music collection. This should be funny reading diary style about the definishn of my online-personality built ‘on top of’ – or better ‘out of’ a real life….As authentic as possible. I would have called it  ‘living plus-size’, but that comes with the stereotype of Rubens and Volcanoes. Would be not true. So let’s pretend we are being smart, witty, multilingual, creative and somehow ready to share some viewpoints.

The blog is  part of my learning assignment “becoming social media savvy”. Everyone can read here what rollercoaster it can be.

At this point I only use a PC. I do not own any gadgets of the company with the dead leader.

(c) Jutta Kristen