ENTp or INFj

I have spent quite some time recently on various personality tests: Jung Myer Briggs DisC Insight Management Drives – you name it. Consider me over tested. I start hating them because I think the results put me in a straight jacket. ‘Labelled’. And yes,even this remark is probably an expression of my personality: ENTp. (look it up)

Despite all that labelling phobia that I have,  it somehow helps.  Knowing how you react typically shows you where you need to be complemented. You can look for the right partner(s). Bingo. World in balance – you can stay in your comfort zone.No?

No. I am not only an ENTp but also a woman. I repeated the test today answering how I was behaving lately, and became an INFj.  Do those tests consider that I  view the world quite differently on one day versus the other (and also myself)? Does it take into account that I learn to change behaviour?

Bottom line I will say that I prefer tests that actually ask for what I ‘love’ to do rather than how I behave usually. Those get much closer to what drives me..: Create something new, influence people, and win.

And if I wasn’t also a sceptic, I’d start believing in zodiacs. And that they are a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell someone he is a lion, he will start act like a lion…..