What is your Ideal Imago vs. (virtual) Reality?

It is just a fact that as soon as you dare go ‘on air’, you invite feed-back. Implicitely. The worst feed-back is silence’ because that shows that nobody¬† ‘loves your posts’ and noone dislikes it either. Polarizing would actually be ideal. That would mean moving a needle in the public opinion haystack. Really stand out! I would love to be known as extravagant, provocative, smart. I envy those who are. But sofar I have just duplicated mainstream ideas.

So – before I get to say something innovative, you bet at least 250 fellow(Wo)men -if not millions- have already blogged about exactly that.

Therefore, and to save my self-respect, I have adopted the view that it is also quite ok to follow well ,-) and guess what – someone made a whole youtube about it ages ago. But also here I am not the first follower, but the 1.4 millionst…..

Leadership From a Dancing Guy

Guess I need to work still a lot on my virtual (and real) presence. Feed-Back and Tips are of course welcome. And in the meantime I go look if I find a lonesome guy dancing…