So what does a Real Life Activity like “going to the theater” add to my virtual existence?

An IRL event: Schuld en Boete in Rotterdam/Bonheur. Mainly part of our journey to learn Dutch, so only slightly social media related. I actually even left any electronic stuff at home. But I really fell for this actor Ruurt de Maesschalck (plays Porfiri). Speaks with his hands. Big hands. Does he have an online presence? Nope… If you’re every day on stage being watched by people, does facebook still feel like something special? Oh yes: here you got a role to hide behind, there people expect to see something real? How bizarre….

New: My Pinterest Board: Awesome Twosome. Later found out that also others had that genius idea, but at least I have pinned exclusively my own photos… Somehow I find the whole net is simply recycling. Does anybody ever create really new content? Such as dramas that you can play on a stage?

The rest of the day I spent with my tax calendar. Online of course. Put in my travel days 2011, always one thought in my head: Why do I have to pay tax in one specific country if there is a European Union? Millions of non-productive work hours could be redirected to do something really useful…. like writing psychologic crime dramas. Gelijk Dostojewski… dus.